Welcome to Hotel Zur Traube in Uerzig

A small, personal hotel directly on the banks of the Moselle, surrounded by a breathtaking scenery.

Enjoy the luxury of the supreme location:

Great views are plentiful on the Moselle, but the breathtaking river view from our hotel and the location of our VINEYARD-Rooms are one of a kind.

Relaxed atmosphere - no stress, no dress code... Be our guest and experience the unique beauty of this place directly vis a vis the Moselle.

We go willful without a star category to position ourselves as a small house of the extraclass, according to our motto:

“Small but nice – and great in spoiling”


Hotel & Restaurant ZUR TRAUBE
Hüwel 16
54539 Ürzig / Mosel

Phone: +49(0) 6532 - 930 830
Telefax: +49(0) 6532 - 930 831 1

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