Best price guarantee

Your advantages with a direct booking

If you book online via our homepage, by e-mail or by telephone, you enjoy numerous advantages over booking via the well-known portals!

The best prices

When you book directly through us, you are always guaranteed to book your room at the best available price.

The best cancellation conditions

We are people too and you can talk to us. If you fall ill at short notice or are unable to travel for any other reason, we will always try to let your booked room to someone else immediately. If this is successful, you will not incur any costs, even if the cancellation deadline has already passed.

The best rooms

We are also happy to allocate you a specific room whenever possible. This is not possible when booking via portals. The best, personal and individual service.

We are here for you and are happy to help. Personally and directly. No detours via a booking portal and anonymous telephone support.

Get in touch with us

Please call us or book your hotel room directly online.

Order a hotel or restaurant voucher

Please contact us for vouchers. We will send them to you or you can visit us and pick them up directly in Ürzig.


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